Motherhood can be messy… and that’s OK!

Live for the mess


Before I began this journey into the blogging world, I was set on writing about motherhood (the happy part), but while creating my blog, I was thinking about all the hard times and how no one ever wants to share that. People only want to share what they want you to see, the “perfect life”.Continue reading “The PPD”

Daily Reminder

Remind yourself everyday that the mess you see around the house, the spills on the floor, markers on the wall, food fights, won’t last forever, just try to enjoy every little moment.

Hi! My name is Chelsey, and I’m here to share my messy life as a mom, the good the bad, the triumphs and the fails. We are moms, we don’t have to be perfect, just living the best life we can with our littles.

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